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    Louisville Real Estate

    The Town of Louiseville is located in Blount County, Tennessee.
    Louisville history is an interesting read.   The Foster family (no relation) owned a lot of the land in Louisville and was thought to be the most influential family in Louisville.  Foster’s Storehouse, now a building almost two centuries old, guards the entrance to Louisville Point Park.
    Louisville was incorporated into a town in 1841 due to it’s rapid growth.  But over time, Louisville’s status as a town disappeared. “It is not known when Louisville stopped being a town,” Mummert said. Regaining status as a town was not a quick task, and Louisville did not become a town again until 1993.
    Louisville offers much to their residents in the way of recreation to include Biking, Boating, Team Sports and Parks.  Homes range in price from$80,000 to over $3,000,000.  There are several lakefront communities, Jackson Bend,Channel Oaks, Ridgewater, Rivers Edge-just to name a few.
    Area: 13.51 mi²
    Elevation: 843′
    Weather: 86°F (30°C), Wind SW at 4 mph (6 km/h), 31% Humidity
    Hotels: 3-star averaging $130. View hotels
    Local time: Thursday 8:27 PM
    Zip code: 37777
    Population: 2,461 (2013)